Akanksha- Visual Artist

I Draw Moments, Happiness, Emotions

Welcome to the visual world of Akanksha, a passionate and dedicated artist with a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree.

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Based in India. Available Worldwide.
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Mannual Arts

Who Am I

I am Akanksha, a graduate in Bachelor of Visual Arts. My work is a reflection of my passion for storytelling through visuals. Each photograph is a unique expression, capturing the essence of the moment.

My journey as an artist began at a young age, where I discovered my knack for illustration and manual art. Over the years, I honed my skills, exploring various techniques and styles to express my unique perspective.

With each stroke of my brush and click of my camera, I invites audiences into my artistic world, where creativity knows no bounds. My work is a testament to my dedication to the craft and my unwavering commitment to sharing my passion with the world.

Welcome to Akanksha's artistic journey—a journey filled with imagination, inspiration, and boundless creativity.

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